December 16, 2010

Crossposting Tips

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[ Crossposted from अनकही ]
Out of fun, in the past, I had created accounts for blogging on various hosting sites, ranging from wordpress to xanga. Now all that is unmanageable. Same is true for microblogging sites.
Now I want to consolidate them and make my content available everywhere. Solution is to cross-post the articles so that it is posted on one site and linked back to the original site. So, I created my own hosted wordpress site where I have extreme control. Then use different tools to distribute this content.

Two wordpress plugins come handy: twitter tools and posterize.

I configure posterize to post to my posterous account when I publish any post. From posterize, the post is distributed to my various blogs on wordpress.com, tumblr.com, blogger.com etc. using its autopost feature. Full details here: http://blog.prateek.in/2010/12/how-my-blog-posts-flow/

Twitter tools plugin is used to create a status update carrying only the title of the new post. This update is taken in ping.fm using RSS feed and the ping.fm distributes the status updates in its own set of microblogging networks. More details here http://blog.prateek.in/2010/12/how-my-status-update-flows/ . Remember to use bit.ly to shorten the URLs automatically before posting to twitter.

I will honestly say that I do not like this current arrangement, but currently, this is the solution I have. I will think of cleaning all this up in near future. Thanks to posterous and bit.ly for making it possible.


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