December 15, 2010

Personal Book Publishing : Basic Windows Setup

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If you do not have time or courage to explore more elaborate options, Jaxe is for you. It is no frills excellent XML editor. When you start the editor, it presents an option to create a document of one of supported types. Docbook is one of the options. It is simple and straightforward, without any distractions.

What I really love about this editor is its XML capabilities. The editor knows from your document types what tags can be nested where. It helps you insert the allowed tags for that section of document, so you rarely make mistakes. Even after making a fool-proof correct XML (DocBook) document, you can validate the XML and be double sure. While inserting tags, it also presents options on that tag. You can even import any existing DocBook XML file and validate it.

Other stellar features include a built-in spell-checker, Equation editor and help to insert images. What I found lacking was: a simple icon which inserts the basic constructs like ordered lists, unordered lists, bold, italics etc.

Once your document is ready, In the file menu, there is a clear option to export to PDF. It cannot get simpler than that. What I found lacking was the missing option to generate HTML and ePub. However, PDF was my primary requirement and it did the job well.

This tool is excellent choice for quick work, no fuss solution. However, for making HTML and ePub output, I needed a more elaborate solution which I will describe in the follow-up article.


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