March 2, 2007

Missing ical support in Nokia N73 phone

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Today I got my brand new Nokia N73 Music Edition phone. When I switched it on and tried few things, I said Wow!. What a phone! So many things to try out! I connected it to my laptop, sent messages, played few games, listened to music and things like that.

In idle mode, the phone shows a list of items from my calendar. So, I thought to add few appointments/reminders. And hey! they do show up nicely. Then I thought that let me import my full calendar from Sunbird . So I tried to sync it to my phone. Oh my God! The PC Suite software shipped with the phone only allows sync with only 5-6 applications! That is understandable: most guys support commercial stuff (Microsoft/Lotus) programs. But what I was looking for was a way to import an ical file into the phone’s calendar.

Upon a little research, I found that this is not at all supported! I am amazed that a company like Nokia can overlook such an important detail! Phones are everybody’s companion. And though many people would say that Mp3 player is most often used app (apart from voice calls, of course), PIM or an organizer is the other important app in there. Nokia itself places it on the main screen, but they forgot about ical. ical is to calendars what mp3 is to music players. Nokia always boasts support for open standards, did they intentionally miss out this one?


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